Grab The Best Sewing Machine For You.

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One of the basic things we need is cloth. We like to wear trendy and attractive clothes. Not only we purchase attractive clothes for ourself but also for the whole family. I have seen many pregnant women who love to stitch clothes for their coming baby. There are women who love to stitch buttons and torn clothes of her husband. There are housewives who wish to have an extra income which can support her husband for building their dream home. There are also females who want to be known as a dress designer. There are also a majority of women who want to design dress for their own.

So, to achieve such dreams and to hold your aims, you need to have the best sewing machines for beginners with you. For that you need to obtain the knowledge of different types of sewing machine and at the same time its various features. This article will help you to note down different types of sewing machine you can have and at the same time will guide you for the best sewing machine.

Types of Sewing Machine

types of sewing machine

Sewing machine are presently available at various models. They are domestic model, tailor model, industrial model, portable and cabinet models. This type of models are operated with the help of hand, treadle or electric motor. There are basically three main types of sewing machine which are demanded more by the customers and they are electric sewing machines, computerised sewing machines, overlocker sewing machines and manual sewing machines.

Let’s have a detailed idea on this types of sewing machines.

1. Electric Sewing Machines

Electric sewing machine works with the help of electricity. It basically contains a single motor in the body which gives power to the needle. They have an electronic foot pedal. The speed of the machine can be controlled by the foot pedal by applying pressure on it. In the electronic machine, the user can hold the fabrics with both the hands which helps to handle it easily. There are some buttons present on the side of the electronic sewing machine which helps you to control the types of stitch and also the length. Every cloth needs different types of stitching. An electric sewing machine will help you to stitch in different types as you prefer. Some electronic sewing machines contains automatic settings, automatic thread cutter and automatic button hole stitch. This type of sewing machines can sew multiple fabrics and broad volume of stitch patterns. There are various features provided by different brands at different prices.

2. Computerised Sewing Machines

Compared to electronic sewing machine, a computerised sewing machine can provide you with many more facilities. Computerised sewing machine are mostly preferred for the advanced needs. This type of sewing machine does not contains buttons and dials instead, they are yield with LCD or LED display or a large touch screen. As mentioned earlier, they are provided with vast number of functions. The normal computerised sewing machine can recollect your previous sewing tasks and due to this, it can automatically set the tension. The advanced computerised sewing machines can stitch complicated embroidery stitches. This machine also contains USB ports, so that the user can create designs on his laptop or computer and then link it to the machine. You can also set your own patterns and designs. You can also download the patterns from the internet and use it. As it provides the users with different facilities, the cost of this sewing machine is naturally costlier than other type of sewing machines like manual and electronic sewing machines. Although it is costlier, there are customers who use computerised sewing machine, as they can sew all types of materials and at the same time saves your time.

3. Overlocker Sewing Machines

Overlocker sewing machines are known as sergers in North America. This type of models are designed to stop unravel and to provide a professional touch to the stitch of the garment. The functions of overlock sewing machines are limited. The main aim of an overlocker sewing machine is to create a clean and neat stitches. This sewing machines are faster than a normal sewing machine and you can also buy attachments that make it particularly useful for stitching rolled homes, gathering and attaching bindings.

4. Manual Sewing Machines

Manual sewing machine is our traditional sewing machine which are used by the tailors. It is used by turning the handwheel as you guide the fabric under the needle with the other hand. After the arrival of new featured sewing machines, the demand for manual sewing machine has decreased.